Need to nuke a telephone number? Then this service is specially for you.

Attack your enemies via phone flood to block their telephone service or make their life unbearable with constant nagging calls!

We offer professional phone flooding services on-demand.
Attacking your target with a constant stream of incoming calls.
Locking up their phone service with a flood of fake connections.

Disrupt phone service for any landline or mobile phone worldwide.
Multiple-line numbers and IVR systems are supported.
You can specify attack intensity and timing.
We use source number spoofing to defeat caller id - attacking from random numbers or any number you specify.

Our service can help you block:
Commercial contact numbers or private phones.
Customer service lines.
Disrupt business communication.

We offer case-based flexible pricing - ask us for a quote!

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ICQ - 727114812
Skype - disruptphoneservice
Telegram - @disruptphone
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